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1.    Navy has been providing support to widows/NoK/dependents on an as is feasible basis. However, a need was felt to bring about a paradigm shift and institutionalise a support system akin to the Regimental System in the Army, so as to provide proactive and protracted support by taking full responsibility of our Widows/NoK.

2. Therefore, with the aim to make the service responsible to reach out to each and every family post demise of a Naval colleague, immaterial of whether the individual was in harness or retired, Navy is in the process of setting up a system which ensures that even after the departure of our colleagues, their widows and dependents have the Naval system firmly behind them to guide, help and take care of them. Besides ensuring completion of all paper work for getting them their entitled dues, efforts would be made to help them tide over other difficulties as well. This system would be called as Naval Regimental System (NRS). The following organisation has been brought in force wef 01 Feb 11:-

(a)     Chairman. Controller Personnel Services (CPS) is the Chairman. He is the nodal point at IHQ MoD (N) and responsible for overall co-ordination and functioning of NRS.

(b)     Vice Chairman. Principal Director Ex-Servicemen Affairs (PDESA) at IHQ/MOD (N) & CSOs (P&A) at Command level are the Vice Chairman and functional heads to ensure implementation and functioning of NRS.

(c)     Command Regimental System Officer (CRSO). Command Regimental Cell headed by Command Regimental System Officer (CRSO) would be established at different locations as per Enclosure I. Keeping in view the vast area of responsibility, ENC would have two CRSOs, one functioning from Vizag and the other at Kolkata under NOIC (WB). Similarly, for North India, two CRSOs would be positioned at New Delhi under INS India. The CRSOs would function under the respective Vice Chairman to address all issues related to NRS. He would be responsible for families of deceased Naval personnel located in the geographical area earmarked under his jurisdiction. Whenever feasible, CRSO is to attend to the grievances of pensioners as well.

(d)     Regimental State Unit (RSU). Major shore establishments would be tasked to look after particular state/states under their jurisdiction. For the sake of efficiency, while designating RSUs, it has been decided to distribute the work load amongst the various shore establishments rather than just tasking the major depot establishments in each Command Headquarters. RSUs in consonance with CRSO, will be responsible to physically reach out to each widow/NoK residing in that state.

(e)     Regimental Coordinating Unit (RCU). Minor Naval/NCC Units located in various districts will function as RCUs and would be the first point of contact with the Widows/NoKs residing in the geographical area under their jurisdiction.


3. Charter of CRSO/RSUs/RCUs. CRSOs, RSUs and RCUs will function in close co-ordination with each other. The CRSO and his staff would be the prime movers and main executors of the NRS. The RSUs will augment the efforts of CRSO for undertaking various tasks including administrative support and deputing personnel to visit the families of deceased personnel. The RCUs would be the first point of contact with the family of deceased or retired personnel.

4.    The NRS would cover the following areas of concern:-

  1. Provision of widow’s hostel in the area.

    (b)     Guiding the widows for investment of finances in the State Housing programmes or any other suitable programmes.

    (c)     Providing assistance in solving of family disputes involving JA, local bodies, village elders, etc.

    (d)     Provision of counseling with the assistance of NWWA and other NGOs in the area.

    (e)     Regular updating of personal data of widows and pensioners.

    (f)     Interaction with State Govt authorities for state benefits to widows/pensioners.

    (g)    Attend regional civil liaison meetings.

    (h) Any other issue involving widows’ rehabilitation.



NRS Initiatives

5. Directives to Naval NCC Units. The DG NCC, vide letter 9000/Naval Units/NCC/Plg dated 16 May 11, has directed the naval NCC units to provide support to the naval widows, NoK/dependents in their area of jurisdiction. This organizational set up would go a long way in reaching the naval widows at their doorstep.

6.    Enhanced Interaction with the Rajya/Zila Sainik Boards (RSBs/ZSBs). Since the setting up of NRS, all CRSOs have been directed to visit and interact with RSBs/ZSBs and work out specific programmes to visit the naval widows and pensioners to solve their pension/education/health/welfare related problems.

7.    NRS Directory. Contact particulars of CRSOs have been disseminated to the retired Naval personnel. Copy of the same is appended below and enclosed as a power point attachment.

8.    Reaching Out to Widows. Existing Navy Foundation Charters, Vetran Sailors’ Forum Charter, RSB/ZSB and Ex Servicemen Associations will become agencies to reach out to widows and link up with NRS.





  1. Anand Karunakaran November 7, 2011 at 2:23 PM #

    7 November 2011
    In Naval Regimental System (NRS) that the VSF forum is a key operator to resolve retired Sailors, widows & their dependents issues. The Naval HQ and their command resources are very limited fund and they have provided very poor lunch to Veteran Sailors on 02 October 2011 during interaction session at INS Adyar where most of the veteran sailors are above 50 years & thrown half the food in dust bin. We need to source funds via moral ground. In such condition I, an VSF Member have submitted a fund raising proposal by donating the copyright of wall hanging message bearing the message of Peace Manifesto, acknowledged by Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam former President Of India to Cmde M.V.S. Kumar & Commodore Madhavan,NOIC TN & Pondicherry during VSF Interaction session on 2/10/2011 to produce, sell and support VSF activities all over India in different languages. If, we have no provision to sell such items holding moral message via CSD except soaps and TATA oils, our VSF members are having the capacity to work with outside Market for common cause to raise funds for VSF because the message is certainly good and we retired both officers and sailors need mind set like VSF Chennai PRO Mr.Andithever said in the post.
    Till date I did not receive any reply against the fund raising proposal submitted by me.
    Good Luck VSF!
    A.Karunakaran, VSF Member, Chennai Chapter.
    Cell: 9962424936 e mail:


    • desanavy January 13, 2012 at 11:32 AM #

      dear karunakaran. you are most welcome to post your appeal/ message for fund raising, but desa will not be able to authenticate and market the products!!!


  2. Bachan Nagiyal, Ex MCPOR(Tel)I, Hony Lieutenant October 11, 2011 at 4:14 PM #

    Excellent task undertaken by Indian Navy to guide our own naval community especially widows/NOK those remain unaware of lot of things which Navy provides after the demise of Naval colleuges . I must say “Bravo Zulu” for the intiatives taken by the service.


  3. Captain Devindra Sethi I.N.( RETD ) October 1, 2011 at 8:07 AM #

    This is a good idea and must be followed up with all sincerity or it will whither away. Do pay a lot of attention to the widows of our sailors first. Virtually everybody has a mobile today, and messages can be SMSed to all. A email database of each officer and sailor must be built up by DESA to start with.


  4. MCPO V A THEVAR(RETD) September 30, 2011 at 3:42 PM #



  5. MCPO V A THEVAR(RETD) September 30, 2011 at 3:41 PM #

    it would be a very difficult task for navy to achive object because still there is vast gap between serving and retired both officers and sailors.let us first try to change our mind set and treat retired as human being and not of anything else.i am in a movements to reduce gaps between these two for last 20 years but acived very little

    mcpo v a thevar(retd)
    naval personnel association


    • desanavy October 12, 2011 at 1:16 PM #

      dear thevar,
      i do agree things donot happen instantly. army built their regimental system over three hundred years. each one of us have to participate to make thi NRS work for widows and pensioners. you heading naval pensioners association shouldnot be saying so. people said echs may not happen when it came. similiarly nrs will happen. that is my conviction.

      cmde mvs kumar


  6. Cmde(Retd) SPR Reddy NM, VSM September 30, 2011 at 6:40 AM #

    Dear Sir,

    This is an excellent undertaking by the Navy and will go a long way to strengthen and reinforce existing bonds. Using the existing data base with DESA, would it be possible for respective CRSOs to send a small ‘acquaintance’ mail to each individual of the retired fraternity in his area of jurisdiction?This will establish the first link and I am more than sure will be happily received. I am aware that all may not have email addresses, but still it will be a beginning.


    • Commodore A Cherian October 2, 2011 at 2:44 PM #

      This is an excellent initiative and will really help restore the confidence and moral of the widows.
      I think the Navy Foundation’s may also be kept in the loop, so that some form of understanding and help can be given by them too.

      Commodre A Cherian. VSM (Retd)


  7. Cdr N Subba Rao (Retd) September 30, 2011 at 5:34 AM #

    Dear All,
    NRS is a great initiative on the part of Navy and the objectives are note-worthy.
    Many Many thanks for this wonderful system.
    with best regards,
    Cdr N Subba Rao (Retd)


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