Grievance Redressal for Naval Veterans

23 May

Naval veterans face various issues after retirement. Navy and other agencies dealing with veterans have set up various channels and platforms to assist the veterans in resolving the issues and in assisting / guiding them to seek resolution to these issues. This post highlight certain aspects related to grievance resolution of veterans

(a) Updation of Records – Sailors. NAVPEN is the record office for all retired sailors. Therefore all issues related to records of retired sailors such as updation of records, change in name, date of birth of dependents, change in address, etc of retired sailors are addressed by NAVPEN. Any grievance / applications related to these issues need to be forwarded by retired sailors to NAVPEN

(b) Updation of Records – Officers. IHQ MoD(Navy)/DOP maintains the records of retired officers. Retired officers may forward thier issues in this respect through DESA.

(c) Pension. NAVPEN is the single agency dealing with pension of both officers, sailors, and their dependents. Therefore all issues related to pension are to be forwarded to NAVPEN for necessary action/ assistance/guidance.

(d) ECHS. Issues related to ECHS are to be first taken up with the parent ECHS Polyclinic. Issues which need to be escalated can be taken up with ECHS (Navy) either directly or through DESA, is the same is not resolved at the Polyclinic.

(e) Canteen Issues. Veterans are advised to take up the issues with their parent Canteen for resolution.

(f) Govt Welfare Schemes and Identity Cards. Kendriya Sainik Board is the nodal agency for administration of all govt welfare schemes (other than Pension, Canteen and ECHS) and issue of Ex-servicemen Identity Card. Therefore all issues related to Govt welfare schemes and ESM identity cards are to be taken up with parent ZSB/RSB.

(g) Dependent Cards. KSB has clarified that ECHS cards issued to dependents will be used in place of ESM Dependent Cards and therefore ESM Dependent Cards will not be issued henceforth. Naval Dependent Cards are issued through the nearest Base Depot Ship. Therefore, veterans are requested to approach their parent ZSB/RSB and nearest Base Depot Ship for issues related to Dependent Cards.

All relevant agencies operate websites, emails, telephones, and toll free help line numbers to assist veterans and dependents.

Escalation of Issues. If the veteran / dependent need to escalate the issue or seek assistance / guidance on any particular issue, they can approach nearest CRSO, or DESA through email, telephone, or by post.

Contact Details. The contact details of all relevant agencies can be obtained from their websites. Important contact details are appended below for easy reference.

                                 Contact No.                 Email                                     Website

NAVPEN -              022-25075602
                                         25075455         NAVPEN Site
                                 1800-220-560(Toll free)

DESA                     011- 24121068
                                         26880943          DESA Site
                                1800-113-999(Toll free)

ECHS                     011- 24101319       ECHS Site
                                 18100-114-115(Toll free)

KSB                        011- 26188098
                                 011- 26192362(Fax)   KSB Site
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