15 Jan

This is for information to all 

(a) Withdrawal from ECHS. MoD has again clarified that ECHS Scheme is optional for all Pre Apr 2003 retirees and joining of scheme is sole decision of ESM. Once the ESM joins the scheme, Fixed Medical Allowance (Rs 1000/-per month) will be stopped. ECHS is compulsory for all Post Apr 2003 retirees. Once ESM joins the scheme, there is no provision for discontinuation of membership and issue of non membership certificate.

(b) SMS for Intimating Status of Claim of Medical Reimbursement. MoD has engaged Bill Processing Agency i.e UTI-ITSL for providing SMS based update of the bills to ECHS beneficiaries in respect of medical re-imbursement claims. The expenditure incurred on the account of this facility will be paid by ECHS on the quarterly basis to the Bill Processing Agency.

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