1 Dec

1. The private security guard industry presently employs approximately 60 lakh personnel through approximately 15,000 companies. The industry is expected to have a growth rate of 20-30% in near future. As per the Private Security Agencies Act, 2005 all personnel employed as Private Security Guard have to be in possession of prescribed training imparted by qualified instructors. There are approximately 150 training institutes which impart such prescribed training. In order to meet the training requirement, the industry is in need of qualified trainers and assessors (personnel who assess the knowledge gained by the trainees during the training courses).

2. The Security Sector Skill Development Council (SSSDC) conducts “Train the Trainer Courses” to train personnel to qualify as trainers and assessors in the private security agency industry. Such training is conducted through “Training Partners” (private training institutes).

3. A training capsule for personnel to qualify as Trainers and Assessors is being conducted by SSSDC through one of its training partners from 04 to 14 Jan 16 at their facility at Kapashera, Delhi. Broad details of the courses are as below:-

(a) Courses. Trainer, Assessor, or trainer-cum-assessor

(b) Eligibility for Trainers. Graduation in any field (“Graduation Equivalent Certificate” issued to naval personnel is accepted) plus Service Courses / qualification and Service Experience.

(c)  Eligibility for Assessors.   Diploma / Certificate in Security Operations / Security Management with at least two year experience in Security Service Sector including Defence Services. Instructional experience in Cat ‘A’/ ‘B’ institution preferable.

(d) Course Duration.  10 days for Trainer and Assessor courses. If the participant opts for both courses, the duration will be 15 days.

(e) Course Fee.   Rs 10,000/- for Trainer and Assessor courses. If the participant opts for both courses, the fee will be Rs 15,000/-. Fee to be paid by Demand Draft in favour of Security Sector Skill Development Council, payable at Gurgaon. Additional payment of Rs 1500/- towards refreshments and lunch during the training.

(f) Participants are to arrange for accommodation.

4. Interested personnel may forward INPA ( or 011-24121687) for more details.

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