VSF Mumbai Charter AGM

18 May

 The Veteran Sailors’ Forum (VSF) (Mumbai Charter), an organisation of retired Naval personnel, conducted its Annual General Body meeting at Sailors’ Institute Sagar, on Sunday, 17 May 2015. Rear Admiral Sunil Anand, Chief Staff Officer (Personnel and Administration), Headquarters, Western Naval Command chaired the meeting and addressed the issues raised by the members.  A large number of veteran sailors from Mumbai and adjoining areas attended and actively participated in the meeting.  Various issues related to ex-servicemen welfare, pension issues, canteen facility and interaction with various center/state agencies were discussed.

 The community was informed of the new system of online billing of medical claims in Ex-servicemen Contributory Health Scheme (ECHS) which will facilitate veterans as well as service providers in the empanelled hospitals. This will go a long way in enhancing the ECHS services. This will facilitate more hospitals in getting empanelled with ECHS. Veterans were also apprised of newly introduced “Jeevan Praman” scheme where in the veterans can prepare a “Digital Life Certificate” online without having to go to banks. 

 Helpdesks for addressing ECHS issues and pensions grievances were also available for spot assistance. Membership form for those who wanted to enroll in the forum was provided. The Naval veterans were also updated on the progress made by the Navy in its flagship project of Naval Regimental System (NRS) in the recent past.

 Veteran Sailors’ Forum (Mumbai Charter) was set up by the Indian Navy in 10 April 2008 in pursuance of its commitment to support Naval veterans across the country. Currently, there are 1130 ex-servicemen in the Mumbai charter. Having spent their youth in the service to the nation, VSF provides an excellent forum for contact with the retired community, many of whom are not in the best of health, in addressing ex-servicemen issues.  The charter also looks after welfare of widows residing in the area.


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