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  1. Care of widows post demise of their husbands has been a matter of concern for one and all. Though, all efforts are made by IHQ MOD (N) to keep a track and offer help in all ways as possible, timely help during critical times can only be given by the fellow veterans staying in proximity.


    2.    In this regard, NF, Mumbai Charter has organised itself in such a way that a fellow veteran is nominated as the mentor for the widow who keeps a tab on the requirement of the widow.


    3.    This act has been widely appreciated at IHQ MOD (N) as this gives an assurance that the widows will be helped when in need.


    4.    This bulletin is being issued to highlight this model of a mentor so that other NF Charters could adapt the same with suitable changes as required.


    5.    Once again, I convey my gratitude to president, NF Mumbai for working out a model to address issues of the widows.


    6.    Such kind of welfare activities undertaken by various NF Charters please be brought to light of IHQ MOD (N) DESA so that it could be circulated for benefit of other charters


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  1. Cdr J K Sharma(Retd) November 18, 2011 at 11:28 AM #

    It is really a very good idea to have desa notice board inside the house in the computer.

    We can get the latest in-formations about our Navy and other useful service matters.


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